IT, Start-up, Shared Economy

Build your start-up on strong foundations


We support you at every stage of your growth. In the beginning, we’ll set up your business effectively so you can focus on the important – growth of your start-up. We’ll set your internal and external relations so that your business runs smoothly without any legal issues. In later stages during the entries and exits of investors, we’ll help you choose the best form of financing and protect your interests.


  • Regulation of the company’s internal relations
  • Advice on the best forms of entries and exits of investors and financing methods
  • Regulation of business relations with suppliers and buyers
  • Set up of employment law compliance and contracts
  • IP rights, patents, copyrights, licenses
  • Compliance, Terms of Service, GDPR

Shared Economy

We’ll assist you during the expansion of your business to Slovakia or other countries. We’ll ensure compliance with local laws and set up tax and corporate structure.


  • Compliance,
  • Tax Matters,
  • Corporate Structure


Advising to start-up providing a digital art platform in seed financing value over 1 mil. € and establishing supplier relations.

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